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Streetworks/Noticing Enquiries

Our experienced back office team can provide support for all areas within England, Scotland & Wales.


Streetworks are an essential part of infrastructure maintenance and development. From repairing potholes to constructing new roads and serving building developments with gas, water, electricity, and telecoms, it is also crucial to ensure that existing assets are maintained. Local authorities must be informed of any works that may impact their network to facilitate accurate coordination within their area.


With over 15 years of experience in the utilities and telecoms industry, our back-office team is well-equipped to provide a tailored package to ensure your operations are legislatively compliant with the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991. We offer a range of services including street works permitting, Section 50 licence applications, road space occupation applications, and more to meet your specific needs.


Our comprehensive permit management services cover the entire process from the initial application to start and stop notices, registration, PMR response, tracking and management of defects, FPN's, and Section 74's. We also manage and respond to council comments and any other related requirements. Rest assured, we can handle all applications for works that require TTROs, TTLs, Bay Suspensions, Lane Closures, and Bus Stop Suspensions efficiently and effectively.

Meet the Team

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Caroline Hall

National Streetworks Operation Manager

Caroline brings a wealth of experience to the Streetworks domain, having held various roles since 2012 with a number of Tier 1 Contractors and Statutory Undertakers in the Telecoms, Electric, and Water industries. Her expertise includes handling Section 50 licence applications and proficiently using Street Manager, Aurora, Symology, and Bentley software platforms. Caroline has a proven track record of successfully challenging or mitigating Section 74 overruns, securing rescindment of FPNs, and minimising defects. Her commitment to excellence is further demonstrated by holding her NRSWA Supervisor's accreditation, showcasing her dedication to upholding industry standards and regulations. Caroline has collaborated with numerous local authorities across England, Scotland, and Wales, showcasing her versatility and expertise in diverse regions. Her experience includes involvement in a BDUK funded LFFN scheme in North Yorkshire, as well as serving as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the south of England. Caroline's broad exposure to different regions and projects highlights her proficiency in navigating various regulatory environments and delivering successful outcomes across locations.

Lucy W.png

Lucy Whorlton

Streetworks Coordinator

Lucy is the newest addition to our team, entering the industry in 2022. Despite her recent entry, Lucy has quickly established herself as competent and trustworthy, demonstrating a remarkable ability to learn and adapt within a short period. Her dedication and quick progression highlight her potential for growth within the team. During her time at FNIL, Lucy has collaborated with a diverse range of clients, utilising Street Manager and Aurora for permit applications and management. She excels in obtaining safe dig prints, monitoring jeopardy reports, and overseeing the permitting process from inception to completion. Lucy's adeptness in utilising these tools showcases her proficiency in efficiently managing and coordinating permit-related tasks. Lucy has established an excellent rapport with several local authorities within our contracted works areas, fostering strong relationships built on trust and effective communication. She is actively involved in handling Traffic Regulation Orders (TTRO), Temporary Traffic Lights (TTL), and suspension applications, showcasing her proficiency in navigating regulatory processes and ensuring compliance with authority requirements. Lucy's dedication to maintaining positive relationships with local authorities contributes to the smooth execution of our projects.

Steven R.png

Steven Riley

Contract Planning Manager

Steven embarked on his telecoms journey nearly 28 years ago, starting as a Co-ordinator's assistant on a BT Contract and advancing to the role of Senior Co-ordinator. Over the years, Steven has contributed his expertise to various telecom companies including BT, Virgin Media, and City Fibre amongst others. His versatile career has seen him take on multiple roles such as Co-Ordinator, Office Manager, Planning Manager, Project Manager, Purchasing Manager, Supervisor, Senior Supervisor, and Operations Manager. His work has taken him from Cornwall to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, covering a wide range of regions and demonstrating his adaptability and expertise in the utilities and telecoms industry. Steven plays a pivotal role in overseeing all planning aspects of our work, ensuring seamless coordination and effective execution. He adeptly communicates with local authorities to negotiate permit conditions and address traffic management requirements, ensuring compliance and smooth operations. Additionally, Steven efficiently obtains safe dig prints for several of our clients, enhancing project safety and efficiency.

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Keith Brownlee

Contract Program Manager – Assistant

Keith has been an integral part of the FNIL Streetworks and Planning team since 2023, bringing with him a wealth of experience in the telecoms industry. His journey began 13 years ago at Map Group, where he worked on the Virgin Media contract, handling a range of tasks from home installations to cabinet upgrades and repairs. Keith then transitioned to a supervisory role encompassing both cabling and civils for a Tier 1 Contractor, leading projects across the UK as a Supervisor, Senior Supervisor, and Project Leader, particularly focusing on ISP FTTP projects. His foray into planning commenced at North Midlands Construction, where he honed his skills in civils and defect planning. Keith also played a key role in building the Warwick Net Fibre contract along the South Coast, specifically working on the BT Network. In his role at Future Networks, Keith has leveraged his extensive knowledge and expertise within the planning department, contributing to the strategic planning and execution of projects within the organisation. Keith's dedication to fostering strong relationships with local authorities in his areas has been instrumental in driving success within his contracts. His proactive approach and effective communication skills have not only ensured compliance with regulatory requirements but have also facilitated smooth project execution and collaboration with key stakeholders. Keith's ability to maintain excellent relationships underscores his commitment to delivering high-quality results and achieving success in his contracts.

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Mark Riley

Head of Civils Operations

Mark Riley, as the Head of Civils Operations, has significantly enriched the business with his extensive knowledge of the utility industry. With a successful track record in procuring, managing, and delivering major fibre network build projects across the UK and Ireland, Mark brings over 40 years of experience in the telecoms, electric, and gas sectors to the table. Over the last two years, Mark has played a pivotal role in developing the civils side of FNIL's operations, leveraging his expertise to drive growth and innovation within the organisation.

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Debbie Winship

Streetworks Coordinator

Debbie joined FNIL in 2023, transitioning from a prominent telecoms ISP. Since her arrival, she has seamlessly integrated herself into the team, quickly establishing herself as a key member. Debbie brings valuable experience in utilising Aurora, Symology, and Bentley permitting systems, as well as proficiency in works management systems like Depotnet and SalesForce. Her diverse skill set, and industry background contribute significantly to the team's success. Debbie's prior experience as an Area Build Coordinator and Commercial Admin Assistant has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the civil build process. This background enables Debbie to effectively cover a wide range of administrative functions within the team, leveraging her expertise to streamline processes and contribute to the overall efficiency of operations. Debbie diligently monitors all works trackers to uphold legislative and contractual Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), ensuring that projects meet contractual standards and requirements. She works meticulously to adhere to industry-specific legislation, demonstrating her commitment to maintaining compliance and delivering high-quality results. Debbie's keen attention to detail and proactive approach contribute to a streamlined and efficient process within the team.

Sarah W .png

Sarah Whorlton

Streetworks Coordinator

Sarah has been a valuable member of FNIL since 2022, bringing with her previous experience in a similar role. As an experienced Streetworks Coordinator, Sarah has a strong background in similar positions with other Tier 1 Contractors. Her extensive legislative knowledge enables her to proficiently manage permit applications and all associated administrative tasks with precision and efficiency. Sarah's expertise and experience in the field contribute significantly to the smooth operation of permit-related processes within the team. With over 5 years of experience in Streetworks, Sarah has developed a deep understanding of the field and has cultivated strong relationships with various local authorities. Her collaborative approach and effective communication have enabled her to maintain close ties with these authorities, facilitating the smooth delivery of tasks and projects. Sarah's ability to work closely with local authorities not only ensures compliance with regulations but also enhances efficiency in project execution.

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