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Safe Dig Print Packs

Safe Dig Print Packs

Our experienced back office team can provide Safe Dig Print packs for all areas within England, Scotland & Wales.

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Every year in the UK, more than one million excavations take place. The risks to employees carrying out this work can be high. Delays stemming from excavations can impact utility companies’ service, potentially hampering projects and damaging reputation. It is compulsory to obtain plans regarding all underground services. Additionally, owners and operators must be consulted. Therefore, employees and subcontractors must have access to the most up-to-date utility asset records.

The HSE has published a document (HSG47) about safe digging.

Our Team

Our dedicated back-office team can carry out all relevant searches to obtain the most up to date utility records, also known as Stat Plans or Safe Dig Prints, ensuring vital support for design optimization, cost management, and adherence to Health and Safety and CDM regulations.

Cost of Safe Dig Print Packs

Disclaimer - We only provide these services for all areas within England , Scotland and Wales.

Minimum 4 Prints - Water, Gas, Electric and BT. Also includes LSBUD

As a minimum, Foul and Clean Water, Gas, Electric and BT prints will be provided, along with a LSBUD search to highlight any other potential asset in the area who we will then contact.

Please note, additional charges may apply for obtaining additional prints that we are unable to access FOC if Section 79 Legislation does not apply.

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